I’m a level 19 warrior and at this point in the game to heal to full with potions can cost as much as 500. For half the price I can use a town portal, go to the town leader, and get him to heal me. This will only become a better option as I gain more levels.

Instead of encouraging your players to do this, and without disturbing the current price/balance of normal potions I have an idea how to remove this small aspect of “grinding”.

Create a potion that heals you to full, but you have to remain motionless and not take any damage for 5 turns (So you have to meditate for a few rounds after you’ve cleared the area) or else the potion does nothing. This saves people the trouble of having to run all the way through town to get to the leader, but at the same time doesn’t allow people to have a super powerful potion in battle. Sell this for 250 or 300.

This would also prevent people from buying 100’s of pieces of meat (the most cost efficient life source in dungeons) and just sit there hitting the button 30 times until they are healed.

Submitted on 8 September 2011 at 19:19

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