The following code used to work in NaBL, but is now no longer valid.

AttributeName(This(), a) :
	refers to Attribute a in EntityType e-ty
	where This This() has type e-ty

Triggers these errors:

Multiple messages:
     - Syntax error, not expected here: 'This'
     - Unresolved reference

What is the new way to name-bind This?

Submitted by Daco Harkes on 11 June 2014 at 12:41

On 11 June 2014 at 12:46 Daco Harkes commented:

Not supporting This() anymore in the syntax probably “solves” this previous issue on name binding this:

On 11 June 2014 at 12:59 Daco Harkes commented:

More specifically This This() works fine in implicity defines and refers to but not in where.

On 19 June 2014 at 20:18 Daco Harkes closed this issue.

On 15 July 2014 at 20:05 Guido Wachsmuth reopened this issue.

On 15 July 2014 at 20:05 Guido Wachsmuth commented:

@Daco, please check if this still works with dbbe582189.

On 10 August 2014 at 13:23 Daco Harkes commented:

@Guido, just updated Spoofax to the latest nightly,, and it works fine.

Am I correct to assume this specific commit is included in the nightly?

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