Spoofax: org.metaborg.spoofax.eclipse 2.0.0.beta1
System: Linux amd64 3.19.0-58-generic

Currently, I need to package both the target/ folder and the file src-gen/metaborg.component.yaml to deploy my DSL. It would be nice if metaborg.component.yaml could end up in src-gen/ too such that I only need to package target/.

Submitted by Oskar van Rest on 19 April 2016 at 23:08

On 19 April 2016 at 23:12 Oskar van Rest commented:

Oh, I found out you only need target/metaborg/ and src-gen/metaborg.component.yaml for deployment. Perhaps src-gen/metaborg.component.yaml can move to target/metaborg/ then?

On 25 April 2016 at 13:18 Gabriël Konat commented:

Good idea, we don’t import that file so it could go into target/metaborg. Low priority improvement though.

On 20 May 2016 at 20:11 Oskar van Rest commented:

BTW this is less of an issue now that there is a .spoofax-language. I didn’t realize such an archive was generated and was creating one myself and found it weird that some files were in src-gen/ and some in target/

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