Currently Spoofax only supports language extension for files of Spoofax meta languages. However, language project typically includes non-Spoofax-meta-language files.

List of things that need to be copy pasted in a language extension project:

  • .tbl files
  • native java strategies (might be able to work around this with a foreign call)
  • icon files
  • files that need to be exported in the final compiler (in IceDust: lib-java/src/lib/icedust/ Re-exporting is not supported. (Note that without copy-pasting the paths of such files changes. For example from eclipse:///icedust2/... to eclipse:///icedust2/target/icedust2-0.6.3-SNAPSHOT.spoofax-language!/.... This breaks the stratego code in the base language project copying those files.)

Feature request:

  • allow importing of non-meta-language files.

Additional requested features:

  • be able to access source-imported files under same path as in source project
  • be able to re-export source-imported files
Submitted by Daco Harkes on 24 April 2017 at 13:20

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