Spoofax 2.3.0

Given the following part of a grammar (this is like the SELECT clause in SQL):

SelectClause.SelectClause = <SELECT <Projection>>
Projection.ExpAsVars = <<{ExpAsVar ", "}+>>
ExpAsVar.ExpAsVar = <<Exp><VarAssign?>>

And the following program we want to complete:


It would be nice if Spoofax could immediately suggests possible completions for the nested Exp, such as the plus operator SELECT $Exp + $Exp or the CAST function SELECT CAST($Exp AS $DateType) (these parts of the grammar are omitted from the above fragment).

Currently, it requires three levels of completions to get there.

  • completion 1 suggest ExpAsVars (SELECT $ExpAsVars)
  • completion 2 suggests ExpAsVar (SELECT $Exp)
  • completion 3 suggests the actual completions I’m looking for

This also because not all (web) editors support these templates like Eclipse does, so they can only handle one level of completion (I think).

The Java API ICompletionService.get(int offset, P result, boolean nested) seems to have an argument for nested completions, but at least in the cases I tried it was generating no completions or incorrect completions.

Submitted by Oskar van Rest on 1 November 2017 at 00:47

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