Caused by: org.metaborg.core.MetaborgRuntimeException: org.apache.commons.vfs2.FileSystemException: Could not replicate "file:///home/oskar/repos/pgx/internal/spring_boot_test/build/libs/pgx-spring-boot-test-1.0.0.jar!/BOOT-INF/lib/gm-compiler-0.1.2-20180910.jar" as it does not exist.
	at org.metaborg.core.resource.ResourceService.resolve(

To reproduce, create a basic Spring Boot application ( that loads a Spoofax language.
Build the spring boot application and invoke through java -jar my-spring-boot-app-1.0.0.jar

I expect it may be a VFS issue. A workaround is to copy the Spoofax binary to the file system before invoking resourceService.resolve(..):

      URL inputUrl = getClass().getResource(SPOOFAX_BINARIES);
      spoofaxBinaryFile = File.createTempFile(SPOOFAX_BINARIES, "");
      FileUtils.copyURLToFile(inputUrl, spoofaxBinaryFile);
      FileObject fileObject = spoofax.resourceService.resolve(spoofaxBinaryFile.getAbsolutePath());
Submitted by Oskar van Rest on 6 October 2018 at 00:55

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