FR from Taico, who previously scraped assignment/submissions pages to get the required data.
Needed for CPL in Q3

Idea is to add API support for reading submission data, in json format, with the following endpoints:

  • submissions which returns the set of submissions for a given assignment id with:
    • student id
    • grade
    • lastSaved timestamp
  • submission which returns the following submission data for a given assignment id and student id (netid/username/studnr)
    • solution text
    • code with [solution, test] fields
    • grade
    • lastSaved timestamp
  • assignment which returns the following assignment data for a given assignment id
    • question text
    • code with [solution, library, solution template, user test template, spec test] fields

API access:

  • should be configurable at any level, allowing accessing data for that assignment and all sub-assignments recursively.
  • will be done using an API key
  • may only be visible to the person who configured the key, and access to this key can be mapped to the person’s account (so managers who are not manager at a sub-level, because of overridden set of managers, cannot access the data using the API key)
  • The API will return json data
Submitted by Elmer van Chastelet on 24 August 2021 at 13:09

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