A data file in programming assignments can currently be set to “graded tests only”, where the files are not advertised to students and only copied with the graded test task mode. Or a data file can be set to “available for students”, where the data file gets advertised in the assignment description with download link and the file gets copied with all task modes.

But there are also cases (and in this particular case for the software testing course, for testing a website/webapp) where files are needed in non-graded task modes, but without advertising the files to the students. For this, we add a new mode “hidden”, which copies the file with any task mode, but without advertising the file in the assignment description.

Submitted by Elmer van Chastelet on 3 March 2022 at 13:56

On 3 March 2022 at 13:56 Elmer van Chastelet tagged 1.16.0

On 3 March 2022 at 14:00 Elmer van Chastelet closed this issue.

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