Aleksander on MM:

Hi Elmer, after a year a similar mistake happened in CSE2510 :sweat_smile: I tried to add one person (Aleksandra Andrasz) as course manager only for a single assignment Binary Splits (TODO: Jesse) in this folder but I accidentally removed everyone with course-level roles. Could you please bring back the course-level roles to the assignment and additionally add Aleksandra Andrasz (who is now there alone)

Also, what is the correct approach in overriding roles so that I only add people without removing anyone? Do I have to specify the whole list of course managers in the box?


Hi Aleksander. It’s fixed now.
It seems that there is an issue when you first add all course level managers (in the modal dialog).
It should automatically add the observer role to the same group of people.

I guess a workaround would be to first add all course level staff as Observers, then add all course level staff as Manager, and then add the additional manager(s).

I’ll add this to my todo list.

Additional report:

Nu gaat het wel goed, dus denk dat als je klikt op “hou course level mensen erbij” dat hij dan expliciet de managers override
Maar dat observer op “default” blijft staan
En als je dan iemand toevoegt gaat het mis

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