Feature request from SQT course from Mattermost:

Folks, another useful feature for us would be the possibility to see only answered questions. Here for example: https://weblab.tudelft.nl/cse1110/2022-2023/assignment/107881/submission/55239/grading-all. This question asks students if they have any question they want to discuss in the lecture. Most of them don’t, ofc, so it’d be cool to see just the answered ones

For context: it’s a question about “what was unclear in the chapter?”, and we use it before every lecture to find out what we should talk about during the lecture. We use (abuse? :stuck_out_tongue:) the ‘grading’ feature here to go through all the replies one by one. However, the majority doesn’t have questions, so we have to press ‘next’ a lot of times for all the empty submissions. A shortcut for “next non-empty submission” would already help us

Submitted by Max on 26 April 2023 at 11:29

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