Show a submission navigation bar at the bottom when course staff is viewing a student submission.

This navigation bar will have:

  • Controls to browse to previous/next student submission within an assignment
  • Dropup control which displays the student name of currently viewed submission and, when clicked, shows the list of submissions (student names) that matches the configured filter
    • and an input to search within the list
  • A configurable filter based on (a selection of) the following criteria:
    • include empty solutions (default false)
    • include submissions not for grade (default false)
    • when assignment has a manually graded item:
      • graded/non-graded submissions
      • grader
    • submission time (last saved at after/before)
    • whether or not a manually graded item/checklist item holds or not
    • calculated grade range
Submitted by Elmer van Chastelet on 13 September 2023 at 15:02

On 13 September 2023 at 15:02 Elmer van Chastelet closed this issue.

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