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eelcovisser [4:39 PM]
the toolbar is too tight; needs more space above and below
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why is the discussion section under the fold?

guwac [4:26 PM]
some first complaints from using the beta version for grading #in4303 assignments

guwac [4:26 PM]4:26
I miss the up arrow to navigate to the parent assignment

guwac [4:28 PM]
manually submitting an assignment for a student is still a lot of clicks; it is actually an extra click, since ​Submit​ does not close the popup. (edited)

guwac [4:28 PM]
because students cannot submit external grade assignments, the parent assignment is also not marked submitted

guwac [4:29 PM]
so I need to enter the grade of the student and submit the assignment, but then also need to submit the parent assignment

guwac [4:37 PM]
also, ​Submit All​ changes overridden grades in subassignments to -1.0

guwac [4:41 PM]
manually submitting a collection re-calculates the grade for this collection, but after closing the administration popup, the re-calculated grade only shows up after manually reloading the page

guwac [6:03 PM]
navigation to previous and next assignment is another thing that is still broken

guwac [6:03 PM]

guwac [6:04 PM]
this is lab 6, the previous lab should be lab 5, but it jumps to lab 4

Submitted by Elmer van Chastelet on 9 November 2015 at 16:47

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