At any point in time of a course, as student should have a score/grade/… for each collection of assignments (possibly the root assignment collection of a course). This score should indicate the progress, i.e. it should answer how well a student is performing.

This score should only take into consideration submissions:

  • that are submitted
  • with weight > 0.0
    • that are graded
    • that are partly graded (automated grading, but missing checklist/additional grade), graded part counts for 100%

At the collection-level:

  • pass one takes the best sub-score
  • pass n/m takes at most n sub-scores (weighted)
  • pass all takes all child submissions with a score (weighted)

The score at the root-submission for a student part of an education cohort is taken as score to be shown in the cohort dashboard (accessible for O&S and Director of Studies)

Submitted by Elmer van Chastelet on 12 October 2016 at 10:42

On 12 October 2016 at 10:42 Elmer van Chastelet tagged 0.47.0

On 15 November 2016 at 07:14 Elmer van Chastelet closed this issue.

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