I see ” This is an Assignment Collection. The Assign/Unassign action will (un)assign graders to all lower level assignments within this collection. It will assign the same grader for submissions from the same student.” but this is not the behaviour I want. For a collection with inline assignments I want to grade the collection at once, so I want grading assignment at the level of the collection, without having to assign a grading scheme (use checklist for grading) to the collection.

Elmer van Chastelet [1:29 PM]

@eelcovisser That’s correct, you cannot have a checklist at the collection level right now. I’ll add this in next release (which I expect to have ready next week) (edited)
Collection grades are now aggregated grades, except when overridden. I need to think of a good solution for supporting this.
(i.e. will there be a computed grade from children submissions with weight x , and checklist grade with weight y, or should it become the overridden grade, …) (edited)

Eelco Visser [1:43 PM]

I don’t want a checklist ; I want to grade the assignments in an in-line collection together

Submitted by Elmer van Chastelet on 12 June 2019 at 13:35

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