From Yoshi:

For example when the grade for an exam is calculated with max(0.3MT+0.7ET, ET) (i.e. midterm counts for 30% when this increases the grade)


I see. This also touches the pass-criteria for collections. Pass-n/Pass-one/Pass-all now determines the assignments to be taken for the $computed grade calculation and determines the pass state of a collection submission.
When $computed isn’t used in the grading formula for a collection, its calculation may be skipped, and ideally the grade trace should not show it.

For the Pass-criteria it would be good to make the UI explicit on the number of sub-assignments to pass and, when using a grading formula, using a minimum grade without a pass-n (read: n = 0) constraint would probably be more suitable..

I think the assignment key (e.g. 21532 you see in the URLs) would be the suitable candidate to reference it in a formula.
Data validation should check if those refs are children of the assignment collection, and raise an error when changing the assignment tree such that the validation check fails for a collection with grading formula.

Submitted by Elmer van Chastelet on 14 February 2020 at 09:53

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