> This file contains rules for all generated Makefiles, and one of those
> rules insert the Package in the XTC repository.
> .—————– config/Makefile.xt
> | …
> | all-local::
> | @$(XTC_PROG) -r $(BUILD_REPOSITORY) register -l
> “@abs_top_srcdir@” -V $(VERSION) -t $(PACKAGE)
> | …
> `—————–
> The problem is that our package name is the same as our program name.

> Temporary we can change the package name or the program name. At the
> end, I think that will be better to don’t register the package as a
> tool ;)

Hm, right, I’ve seen that problem as before. Afaik, this feature is
not used anywhere, so maybe we can just drop it. If it is used, then
we could make the ‘tool name’ a bit more specific, for example

I would like to drop it, so please let me know if you now a place
where this feature is used.

Reported by Nicolas.

Submitted on 15 September 2006 at 18:01

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