This construction can be temporary translate to s0 < (s1 <+s2) + s3.

Submitted on 14 January 2007 at 11:28

On 14 January 2007 at 12:01 Jira commented:

STR-683, martin:
This might be related to this issue:

I’ll investigate.

On 14 January 2007 at 18:11 Jira commented:

STR-683, martin:
Right, the issue is caused by that bug and is fixed by the solution that has been implemented most recently.

I will update the buildfarm configuration to the new sdf2-bundle and announce this version on stratego-dev.

On 14 January 2007 at 18:37 Jira commented:

STR-683, martin:
There are some more issues that we need to fix before we can update the baseline, so I would not suggest to take the latest unstable build. Please wait until the next baseline announcement. Indeed, transformers-generic-tools fails at this moment. I’ll look into this.

On 14 January 2007 at 22:12 Jira commented:

STR-683, martin:
The update to a new sdf2-bundle is delayed because of a problem with the handling of aliases and the new priority constructs. I’ll close this issue when that bug has been fixed.

On 17 January 2007 at 20:40 Jira commented:

STR-683, martin:
We have updated to the new sdf2-bundle, ignoring the alias issue for now.

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