[echo] Building application
[echo] webdslc arguments: –servlet -i ../ –session-timeout 120 –enable-caching 1 –build-id 1360710f-a947-4bb7-9df8-6cfb4b339746 –dir “/Users/eelcovisser/workspace/script13/.servletapp” –indexdir searchindex –compile-units-cache –enable-query-optimization 1
[echo] Directory: /Users/eelcovisser/workspace/script13/.servletapp
[java] [ Main | info ] stage 1: parsing [ 0.25s ]
[java] [ Main | info ] stage 2: importing modules [ 1.12s ]
[java] [ Main | info ] stage 3: typechecking [ 0.50s ]
[java] [ Main | info ] stage 4: model-to-model[ Main | critical ] Error found during compilation: function call with signature (“isUniquePersonId”,[SimpleSort(“Email”),SimpleSort(“Person”){ImmutableReference}]) is not valid
[java] Main: rewriting failed, trace:
[java] webdslc_main_0_0
[java] xtc_io_wrap_5_0
[java] option_wrap_5_0
[java] xtc_io_1_0
[java] xtc_temp_files_1_0
[java] restore_always_2_0
[java] xtc_webdslc_0_0
[java] dsl_to_core_0_0
[java] dsl_to_core_generation_0_0
[java] stage_1_1
[java] dr_scope_1_1
[java] log_timed_1_1
[java] repeat_1_0
[java] innermost_rep_1_0
[java] dr_scope_1_1
[java] dr_scope_1_1
[java] innermost_rep_aux_1_0
[java] innermost_rep_aux_2_0
[java] try_1_0
[java] desugar_0_0
[java] emit_collected_defs_0_0
[java] map_1_0
[java] with_toplevel_name_1_0
[java] with_toplevel_name_1_1
[java] dr_scope_1_1
[java] rename_all_0_0
[java] with_origin_1_1
[java] alltd_1_0
[java] rename_0_0
[java] rename_data_0_0
[java] rename_entity_common_0_1
[java] dr_scope_1_1
[java] dr_scope_1_1
[java] dr_scope_1_1
[java] dr_scope_1_1
[java] rename_all_0_0
[java] with_origin_1_1
[java] alltd_1_0
[java] rename_0_0
[java] rename_ui_0_0
[java] rename_ui_0_0_fragment_2
[java] rename_ui_0_0_fragment_1
[java] rename_ui_0_0_fragment_0
[java] rename_global_function_call_0_0
[java] resolve_global_function_call_name_0_0
[java] rename_global_function_call_name_error_0_0
[java] fatal_err_0_1
[java] concat_strings_0_0
[java] [ Main | critical ] Internal error: with clause failed unexpectedly in rule ‘rename-global-function-call-name-error’

Submitted by Eelco Visser on 11 November 2013 at 11:48

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