Submitted by Eelco Visser on 4 January 2013 at 11:47

On 4 January 2013 at 12:24 Elmer van Chastelet commented:

We can probably use the modified property of Issue for sorting using search.

On 4 January 2013 at 12:51 Eelco Visser tagged search

On 4 January 2013 at 13:06 Eelco Visser commented:

The dates of events such as taggings and comments should be considered as well; I suppose the modified property is not updated on tagging and commenting.

On 4 January 2013 at 13:20 Elmer van Chastelet commented:

The modified probably gets updated, because a reference (the Issue.log property IIRC) is changed.

On 4 January 2013 at 14:35 chris melman commented:

modified gets updated if one of the properties is updated, so that the object is dirty.
in this case updating the project of Issue.project won’t trigger modified.
when you change the project to be another project will trigger modified.

in the case of Issue.log it’s a bit more complicated but changing the list(adding / removing comments tag etc) should make Issue dirty so triggers an update of modified however editing a comment shouldn’t trigger modified

There is also a inverse annotation on some of the properties, this could deliver some unwanted updates, certainly if they are in combination with lists. (Update of list is sometimes preformed by emptying and then refill the list, triggering 2 times modified for unmodified objects).

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