Is there a way to automatically display the accepted workshops? We are using the built-in workshop proposal system.


I’m thinking of implementing this as an action that generates the markdown table of accepted workshops from the proposal system (or even better, from the workshop instances that are created under the main conference). Having a semi-automatic action allows to extend the generated table with workshops that are not listed or submitted using the proposal system.


Thanks for getting back to me and for considering this feature request. I made this list manually, which may give you some ideas. It’s a bit clunky; the “publication” link goes to the workshop track, all of which I setup manually from a bunch of copy and paste. I like your idea to generate the list from the tracks, however, I am not so much in favor of a markdown table that can be edited later. Instead, I am more in favor of a widget that displays the information automatically. The reason is that whether or not the workshops were accepted via the proposal system, they will have a generated track. As such, I think it is sufficient to have this information generated by the system without any further modifications.

Updated idea:
- Just generate an event for each accepted workshop, so it gets listed as “Accepted Workshops” in the call-for-workshops track.

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