Yesterday during the telco with Craig, Andrew, Eelco and me, we came to the conclusion that we need to introduce the notion of sessions.

Sessions are timespans within a day. Different sessions typically have breaks in between them.
A single track can have one or multiple sessions.
Talks/presentations are modelled as events and multiple events can be assigned to a single session. Sessions are used to group multiple events that, ideally, share a similar topic.

Regarding scheduling:

  • At the conference edition level:
    • step 1 session slots are constructed.
      • a session slot defines a start and end-time (e.g. 9.00-11.00), and eventually a room (the room can be assigned later).
    • step 2 tracks within the conference edition and subconferences are assigned to the session slots
  • At the track level:
    • step 3 session slots that are assigned in step 2 can be bound to a session
      • sessions can be created in the track manage page
    • step 4 More fine grained event slots can be defined within each session slot. E.g. a session slot [9.00-11.00] can have 4 event slots
    • step 5 events (e.g. talks) within the track are assigned to the event slots
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