Hi Elmer,

I want to be able to add events to the Events Highlights on the front page of the SPLASH 2014 site.

For example I have created an Events Highlights, that includes Ward Cunningham’s talk but I also want to add say keynote presentations from Workshops and DLS. I can’t seem to find these events. In PLATEAU we have an invited talk by Josh Bloch but I can’t find it in the list of events. Nor can I find Stefan Hanneberg’s invited talk in the DLS.

I believe this is an error and probably something small that needs fixing.


Submitted by Craig Anslow on 16 September 2014 at 07:52

On 16 September 2014 at 09:57 Elmer van Chastelet commented:

Hi Craig. I will give the event selection table an update, such that it contains all events within splash and the ability to filter on author name.

On 16 September 2014 at 09:58 Elmer van Chastelet tagged 0.7.5

On 16 September 2014 at 11:13 Elmer van Chastelet closed this issue.

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