c/p of email conversation with Yves (CPP)

Third, what is really bothersome with the conf.researchr.org is that many operations become available only when some higher authority make them available.
In my case, the CPP conference is hosted as a track of the POPL conference. So, I could not prepare the conference schedule until the time slots were made
available to me by the POPL organizers. I did not know this, I could not find the right user-interface capabilities, and I did not understand what was the logic
of the web-site. (this last point is not related to the author identification problem).

We might improve the process of creating sessions/events. Right now it isn’t really clear for a new user how to start creating a schedule/sessions/events.
E.g., one can already start creating sessions with events without having time slots assigned yet. At the time the session timeslots are associated to the tracks by the conference level editors, the track-editors can actually schedule the sessions.
But we might also add support for creating a session schedule while the session time slots are not yet created/assigned at the conference level. Not sure how this should work/look like though.

Submitted by Elmer van Chastelet on 5 December 2016 at 09:31

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