From Karim:

I have a couple of questions/suggestion though about the feature of "projected committees”. Is it possible to also have a filter token for the role of the member who will be considered for the committees? Adding such a token will tremendously help in getting the equivalent of muting all but one member of an organizing committee.

For example, in ECOOP, I’d like to create a projected committee based on the organization committees for many of the ECOOP-specific tracks, but I only want to get a member who is a chair or a co-chair of a committee. To achieve that now, I have to include the whole committee, and then go over ~ 85 members to mute them, while this could be achieved by having a filter token for the member role (e.g., “chair”). This also applies to almost all other committees that I’d like to consider.

Me: My idea is to implement it by applying the role-filter-token only at the moment of adding a new member to the projected committee. When a member doesn’t match the role filter, it will automatically be muted, but you can still unmute the member afterwards.


Another suggestion/feature request is: is it possible to add non-projected members to projected committees? The use case I have for this is the following. I’d like to add a General Chair to the ECOOP project committee, who does not show up in any of the committees that the filter token considers. Currently, I can’t add him to the projected committee that I created.

Probably fairly easy to support, because of existing support by data model.

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