Obtaining bibtex from researchr by using http://researchr.org/downloadbibtex/bibliography/…/compact gives an invalid bibtex file, if urls with underscores are used. For example:

			title = {{WebDSL}: {A} Case Study in Domain-Specific Language Engineering},
			author = {Eelco Visser},
			year = {2007},
			doi = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-540-88643-3_7},
			tags = {DSL engineering, software components, software language engineering, software engineering, language design, WebDSL, language engineering, language, design, web application development, web engineering, DSL, SDF, Stratego, reusable components, Stratego/XT, case study, survey, web applications, domain-specific language},
			researchr = {http://researchr.org/publication/Visser07},
			pages = {291-373},
			booktitle = {GTTSE},

This entry causes pdflatex to interpret the underscore as “start of subscript”, automatically surrounding it with dollar signs for math mode. I guess the url should either be wrapped around a \url{…} or the underscores should be escaped by a backslash.

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Good point

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